About Us

ethically gifted is an independent business, based in South Yorkshire and founded in 2011 by Kirstie, who, after 20 years in corporate marketing, decided to branch out on her own!

She decided to combine her passions for doing her bit to protect our planet, supporting people in need across the world and encouraging people to buy ethical gifts - and leave the mass-produced tat on the supermarket and department store shelves!

From small beginnings with a few products on eBay, plenty of hard work and lots of support from family and friends, ethically gifted is now a well-established 'clicks and mortar' business.

With a pop-up gift shop in Tickhill, South Yorkshire; a busy, year-round schedule of regional events; and a multi-channel online presence, customers locally and globally are discovering our eclectic range of ethical products! 

We hope you enjoy browsing (and buying!) our products as much as we enjoy finding them.  They are all made with skill and passion, by talented people, fair trade artisans and ethical producers all around the world, including the UK.  When you buy from us, you are helping to make a real and positive difference to people, communities and planet. 

In turn, as we continue to grow with your help, we are able to support more and more worthwhile causes and ethical organisations both on our doorstep and across our wonderful world.

Thank you!