The Mother's India Fragrances incense mini gift set

TRADITIONAL INCENSE & HOLDER MINI GIFT SET - by the Mother's India Fragrances

  • £2.99

A lovely introduction to The Mother's India Fragrances: a nice wooden holder plus one packet of 6 mini sticks of ONE of the following India Fragrances (sent at random).  Lovely little treat or gift.

  • Oudh - a warm, velvety agarwood. It is deep, rich and sensuous, the scent of 1001 Arabian nights.
  • Shanti Nag Champa - with a woody base, and blended beautifully with rose and jasmine, this fragrance has its roots in the traditional temple fragrance of India, and is ideal for relaxation and meditation.
  • Ganesh - a masterpiece, rich and sumptuous, feminine and happy. An exceptionally clean, well balanced and warm incense. It is full of beautiful lavender, although you may not recognize it, with hints of rose and rosemary.
  • Sattva - a luxurious woody and floral fragrance with a touch of fruits and spices.  Its natural sweetness is enhanced by gentle heliotrope and vanilla, with a cleanliness of fragrance brought on by the green touches of cyclamen and lily of the valley.  A modern fragrance, bold and confident yet balanced and pure.  Strong like the other India fragrances, and very well suited for meditation.
  • Prem - a fresh and fragrant blend of many layers of Jasmine, the king of flowers, before it settles down to its core of sweetness.  Spicy green notes of oriental resins create an aura of freshness and liveliness.  The strong and rich flower fragrance of Ylang Ylang, milky warm, sweet and velvety vanilla, and the subtle woody note of Cedar give a sweet and powdery dry down to this fragrance.
  • Om - an 'aromatic nirvana' of cassia, vanilla and amber. It is well balanced with opening notes of sweet and soft vanilla, followed by richer notes of the Indian temple fragrance Champa, and supported by intense amber-like base notes, sweet and spicy cassia and warm balsams.  Earthy and grounding, it is perfectly suited for meditation and contemplation.
  • Rishi - a rose incense in the finest tradition, Rishi is a strong and sweet fragrance.  The sweetness is offset by its fresh, light core, a sparkling heart of jasmine and powdery violets.  It is uplifting, energizing and very friendly.
  • Amrita - cinnamon, blended with earthy patchouli and cedarwood, to form a warm, rustic blend of earthy woods and scintillating spices. Attracts good fortune and brings spice to your life!
  • Yoga - a stunning sandalwood blend, in the best of sandalwood traditions. A beautiful combination of oakmoss, patchouli and vetiver, with centre stage for sandalwood. It is beautiful, pure and grounding, and perfectly suited for meditation.

The burn time is around 10 minutes, but will vary - some sticks can burn much longer.

The Mother's India Fragrances is a clean burning, non-irritating, strong natural incense that richly scents the atmosphere. The Mother's India Fragrances Incense is blended using a wide range of aromatic gums, wood powders, essential oils and perfumes, as well as a resin called halmaddi, and made entirely by hand using the age old Masala method in Puducherry in South India.